He is in the office.
He might be working late.
Come over, make sure
there is no one at the gate.

Come over,
and we will make raw love,
I will grab you by the throat
While I wear you like a glove. 

Come over,
I want to lick your lips,
Then bite your tongue,
His love is in my veins,
But he’s not young.
His gifts, his care,
This bond that we share,
Is not enough,
I love him
Oh,On the devil I swear.

So come over,
I can not think straight,
lust has taken over.
Come and jeopardize,
my happy married life.
Strip me,
off my clothes,
And my dignity as a wife.
Come over, and put it deep within,
And see that fiendish smile on my face
as I happily do a sin.

Artwork by- Ashwini Raman (The most talented person I know and a very good friend.)

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